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GSM SMS Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger
GSM SMS Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger
GSM SMS Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger
GSM SMS Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger

GSM SMS Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger

  • Temperature Range:
  • -30 ° C - +70 ° C; 0% - 100%
  • Accuracy: ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃); 0.1% RH
  • Run Days:
  • The GSM SMS smart wireless temperature data logger is a device that is capable of monitoring and recording temperature data remotely using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology. It is designed to provide real-time temperature monitoring and data logging for various applications.


GSM SMS smart wireless temperature data loggers are commonly used in various industries where temperature monitoring is critical, such as pharmaceuticals, food storage, logistics, and environmental monitoring. They provide a convenient and efficient way to monitor temperature remotely and ensure the integrity and quality of temperature-sensitive products.


GSM Connectivity
The data logger is equipped with a GSM module that allows it to connect to a cellular network. It requires a SIM card with an active data plan to establish a network connection.

SMS Alerts
The data logger can be programmed to send SMS alerts to predefined phone numbers when certain temperature thresholds are exceeded or when there are any anomalies detected.

Remote Access
Users can remotely access the data logger by sending SMS commands to retrieve temperature data or change the device settings.

Data Transmission
The data logger can periodically transmit temperature data to a remote server or cloud platform using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or other data transmission protocols.

Data Visualization
Users can access the collected temperature data through a web-based interface or mobile application, allowing them to view temperature trends, generate reports, and set up additional alerts if required.


Model  GSM-300 Smart Wireless Temperature Datalogger


Power supply mode  

5v 1A/5v 2A power supply (built-in battery)


Measuring range  

 -30 ° C – +70 ° C 0% – 100%


Communication method  GSM/GPRS, NFC (optional)


Accuracy  ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃); 0.1% RH SIM card type external SIM card (pluggable)



123*89*35 (mm)


Frequency range  850/900/1800/1900MHz


Recording interval  1Min





GSM-300 Smart Wireless Temperature Sensor is important to cold chain transportation for perishable products, especially food products. The non-breaking cold chain could guarantee food products to maintain high quality and optimum shelf life.

For meat and fish products, also called frozen food, this GSM Temperature Sensor is very important to keep the growth of microbes as low as possible by maintaining temperature threshold values.

For fruits and vegetables, the most important thing is to prevent them from ripening too early. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers are highly perishable commodities that require proper environmental monitoring in post-harvest processing to maximize freshness, quality, and shelf life from the field to the table.

The environmental condition of temperature-sensitive products must be carefully monitored and documented during handling and storage, to ensure food safety, quality, and longer shelf life, especially for highly perishable products such as produce, dairy, seafood, meat, poultry, and floral products.

GSM-300 Smart Wireless Data Loggers Temperature Logger is necessary evidence for the produce owner and the cold chain carrier if the cold chain performance objection is required.

Freshliance provides all kinds of temperature data logging or temperature and humidity data logging solutions to make sure every change in the whole cold chain solution will be traced and recorded irreversible, PDF Logging, CSV temperature history, and online IOT logging in any format are available.

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